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6th January 2022

It's about the three Kings, right? It's certainly what we're thinking about as we celebrate the feast of Epiphany today. I recently read a really interesting article discussing whether it was myth - a story that teaches us important truths and so is by no means invalid, or fact. Here's a quote by the author: 'I have to admit at one time I thought that the birth narratives, especially this one in Matthew were literary constructs which while they were metaphorically true as myth did not contain reliable historical content...It was all a bit airy fairy, mysterious men from the East...who were they, what were they doing there? Well I used to think that...Having continued in my reading and studying in the field of ancient history as well as biblical studies I have grown to understand that the story in Matthew is credible and likely and quite frankly I believe it thoroughly, from the coming of the Magi to the flight and return from Egypt.' Read the full article here, especially the 'additional note' at the bottom:


'Epiphany' comes from the Greek epiphaneia, meaning 'manifestation' or 'appearance,' and the season is a time when we remember Jesus appearing as the Saviour of all - of Israel, and the Gentiles too - the Magi representing the Gentile world. We then move from reflecting on the manifestation of Christ's glory to the Magi at the feast of the Epiphany, to thinking about the manifestation of His glory at His baptism this Sunday, and in the miracle of turning water to wine at the wedding feast next week. The season ends with the Feast of the Presentation (Candlemas). The child who has been manifested to the Magi at his birth is recognized in the temple by Simeon and Anna, when he comes to be presented in the Temple according to the Law of Israel. But the redemption he will bring must be won through suffering; the Incarnation is directed to the Passion; and we will move from the celebration of Christmas and towards the mysteries of Easter through Lent...

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