9th December 2021: Integrity cover image

9th December 2021: Integrity

The media is full of outrage at the parties alleged to have taken place in Downing Street last year while we were busy cancelling our own. But why is it such a big deal? Many people feel that the Government have handled the pandemic reasonably well, especially the vaccine roll out - isn't that more important?

I think we'd agree that it is a big deal - because it shows a lack of integrity. Integrity is defined as 'being honest and having strong moral principles.' It also means, 'to be whole and undivided' - and for me this sheds most light on why it's an important value for our leaders as well as ourselves as Christians.

Being the same person whether anyone is looking or not isn't always easy - I have bad habits that I'm happy to keep at home! But integrity speaks of being whole and not divided: not one value here and another there. The concept of integrity allows me to accept my imperfections and be honest about my failings - it's about authenticity rather than being a saint! And it inspires trust.

That's why it's a problem when our leaders at Westminster don't display integrity - it reduces our trust in them. And at a time when Covid Plan B has been announced, and we're really hoping and praying we won't need plan C or beyond, we could do with confidence in the guidance we're following and those who issued it.

As Christians, having integrity is about walking and talking the way of Jesus, and accepting the grace of his forgiveness when we don't hit the mark. It's a sign of Christian community and one we will be

modelling beyond the walls of church in our families and work places. Let's encourage one another to keep at it (even if others don't)!

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